Why Do Golf Commentators Whisper?

Why Do Golf Commentators Whisper


Golf, often dubbed the “gentleman’s game,” is known for its serene ambiance and unwavering focus. While watching a golf tournament, have you ever wondered why golf commentators whisper? Why don’t they use their normal speaking voices like in other sports? In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing world of golf commentary and uncover the reasons behind the subdued tones and hushed voices. So, let’s tee off and explore why golf commentators choose to whisper amidst the green fairways.

Why Do Golf Commentators Whisper?

In the realm of golf broadcasting, whispering commentators have become a long-standing tradition. There are several key reasons behind this distinctive approach, each contributing to the unique atmosphere that surrounds the sport.

1. Maintaining Focus and Concentration

In golf, concentration is paramount. Golfers require absolute quiet and tranquility to concentrate on their swings and make split-second decisions. By whispering, commentators ensure they do not disturb the players’ focus, allowing them to perform at their best.

2. Respecting Golf’s Etiquette and Tradition

Golf is deeply rooted in tradition and sportsmanship, with a rich heritage dating back centuries. Whispers and soft tones align with the game’s decorum, exhibiting respect for the sport’s traditions and etiquette.

3. Providing a Soothing and Calming Commentary

Golf is renowned for its tranquil ambiance and soothing green landscapes. The gentle cadence of hushed voices from the commentators adds to the overall calmness, creating a relaxing experience for both players and viewers alike.

4. Enhancing the Viewing Experience

The unique style of golf commentary adds an extra layer of intrigue and suspense to the viewing experience. Whispering commentators contribute to the atmosphere, amplifying the tension and drama as players face critical shots.

5. Adhering to Broadcasting Regulations

Broadcasting regulations and guidelines often prescribe noise levels during live events. By whispering, golf commentators ensure compliance with these regulations while providing engaging commentary for the viewers.

6. Maintaining a Distinctive Identity

Whispering commentators have become synonymous with golf broadcasting. This distinctive style sets golf apart from other sports, giving it a unique identity and appeal to its dedicated fan base.

FAQs About Golf Commentators Whispering

1. Why don’t golf commentators use their regular speaking voices?

Golf commentators whisper to maintain an atmosphere of concentration and respect for the traditions of the sport. By adopting hushed tones, they avoid distracting players and create a soothing ambiance for viewers.

2. Is whispering mandatory for golf commentators?

While whispering is not mandatory, it has become a convention in golf broadcasting. Commentators choose to whisper to align with golf etiquette, provide a calming commentary, and enhance the overall viewing experience.

3. Are there any exceptions to golf commentators whispering?

Occasionally, during less critical moments or interviews, golf commentators may raise their voices to a normal speaking level. However, they quickly return to a whisper during key moments of play to maintain the expected atmosphere.

4. Can golf commentators speak normally during practice rounds?

During practice rounds, golf commentators have more flexibility to use their regular speaking voices. The practice rounds are generally less formal and have a relaxed atmosphere compared to the main tournament days.

5. Do golf commentators receive specific training for whispering?

Golf commentators undergo extensive training to develop their broadcasting skills, including the art of whispering. They practice maintaining an engaging commentary while keeping their voices hushed and controlled.

6. Are there any instances where golf commentators have broken the whispering convention?

While rare, there have been instances where golf commentators have unintentionally raised their voices during crucial moments of play. These occurrences are typically met with surprise and sometimes criticism from viewers.


Whispering has become an integral part of the golf broadcasting experience, lending a unique charm to the sport. By adopting hushed tones, golf commentators respect the game’s traditions, enhance concentration, and contribute to the serene ambiance of the golf course. So, the next time you find yourself watching a golf tournament and the commentators start whispering, remember the reasons behind this long-standing tradition. Enjoy the tranquility, suspense, and whispers that make golf a truly exceptional sport.

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